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What is placenta encapsulation?

Placenta encapsulation is a process by which your placenta is dried and put into capsules. Once in capsules, you are able to consume your placenta postpartum. All mammals practice some sort of placentophagy after giving birth, and humans are no exception. Encapsulation is a great way to obtain the benefits of your placenta, and having someone take care of the process for you means no worries about being “grossed out” and no worries about having the time or energy to complete the process after having just had a baby.   

Placenta consumption has been reported by many to make a positive impact on their postpartum experience.Some of the reported benefits are:

• Increased milk supply – Many report a significant increase in milk supply within a few hours of taking their capsules.

• Decreased postpartum bleeding – Taking your capsules can significantly reduce the length of your postpartum bleeding.

• Increased energy – Your placenta contains stores of natural iron. After delivery women tend to be low on iron from blood loss. Consuming the iron in placenta may help replenish some of this iron.

• Decreased “baby blues” – Studies have shown that some mothers who consume their placenta after delivery have less cases of postpartum baby blues.

• Overall feeling of “balance” after delivery.  – Many moms report a general overall well being when taking the capsules. Typically after childbirth moms are feeling tired, overwhelmed, and going through a hormonal “crash” of sorts as their hormone levels return to normal. It is thought that taking the placenta capsules helps aide in this transition, by gradually tapering your body off the hormones rather than stopping all at once. 

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