East Tennessee Placenta Medicine - Natural Postpartum Recovery!

Services & Pricing

We offer the following services:

  • Placenta Encapsulation                             $150
  • Herbal Encapsulation Add-On                 $25
  • Placenta Prints/Colored Placenta Prints  $25/$30
  • Placenta Tinctures                                      $30

Each encapsulation service includes your placenta ground and put into capsules. The amount of capsules depends on the size of the placenta but is on average about 150. You also get a jar to store the capsules, an umbilical cord keepsake and all instructions/information about your capsules. 

Herbal encapsulation includes the addition of 5 organic powdered herbs to your capsules. The herbs are rose hip, dandelion, nettle, German chamomile & red raspberry leaf, and are picked for their ability to accentuate your placenta capsules and aide in postpartum recovery. More information can be sent on these herbs. 

Placenta prints are made from your placenta. The image of a placenta printed on paper often resembles a “Tree of Life” and makes a very unique art piece. You get 8 prints total. They are printed on sturdy paper suitable for framing. You can chose from natural prints which just the blood of the placenta is used, or you may chose colored prints with natural dyes to make a totally unique piece of art. Currently we are able to color the placenta with green (spirulina), yellow (turmeric), & deep pink/red (beet powder). All of these are natural foods utilized for their color and are completely safe to use on the placenta for prints. 

Placenta tincture is made from your placenta. A piece of placenta is placed in alcohol where it steeps for 6 weeks, extracting the properties from your placenta into the liquid. The liquid is strained, and can then be taking orally once your capsules have run out. Tinctures are great for the extended postpartum period and beyond. The tincture benefits are much the same as the capsules, though not as strong.

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